Smoke Alarm / App Control

1.Smart Life WiFi Wireless Smoke Alarm Sensor

2.WiFi smoke detector

3.High sensitivity smoke detector

4.Built-in thermistor sensor with high temperature alarm

5.Exclusive intelligent algorithm smoke, high sensitivity, no false alarms, strong anti-interference

6.Voice command and voice alarm function to ensure stable and reliable alarm performance

7.WiFi connection, intelligent control APP and remote push alarm information for real-time work


Power supply: CR2 x 2pcs

Standby Current: 24.8uA

Work Current(Smoke Alarm): Max 100mA

Sound intensity:90 dB

Wireless Type:2.4GHz, 1T1R

Wireless Range:45m

Operating Temperature:0 Celsius~ 60 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit~104 Fahrenheit)


Size (D x W x H): 68mm x 68mm x 28mm

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