Buy new product for YOUR HOME

Smart homes are evolving rapidly, to the point where it’s become extremely hard to keep up with the latest devices. Last year’s smart bulb is this year’s forgotten fad, and last month’s new smart security camera is this month’s second-best bet.

With the global smart home market projected to grow to $53.4 billion in by 2022, it’s become clear that any manufacturer, brand, or retailer selling home-related devices should be looking for ways to make them smart as soon as possible. Smart devices simply allow for way more functionality, efficiency, and fun.

But which devices should they be focusing on for 2020 and which technologies are enabling these new devices?

Here’s a quick list of the best smart home products to look out for in 2020:

1. Smart Lighting

By now smart lighting has become the old standby of smart homes, but for good reason: it’s the foundation of a smart home and the typical smart-home entry point for new smart device buyers. Any customers dipping their toes into the smart home market for the first time is going to start with a smart bulb because it’s easiest to install and understand, and also because the benefits are so obvious.

Smart lighting also remains a top smart home product because the cost for the average smart bulb has come down so much from even just a few years ago. It’s now not uncommon to find smart bulbs for under $10.

2. Smart Locks

These days, no smart home is complete without a smart lock? Why? Because package-stealing is now a genuine “thing”, and also because IoT-based security has made it possible to do things once thought to be the realm of science fiction.

Smart locks can allow you to secure your home remotely and also give you a way back in if you have forgotten your keys: just type in the code on your iphone and viola: door unlocked. Smart locks also provide a way for package delivery people to securely leave a package at your door. With a single-use code exclusive to them, they can leave the package inside a gate or even inside your home.

All of the above make smart locks a must-have on your shelves if you’re a retailer, a must-have in your product portfolio if you’re a brand, and a must-have manufacturing capability if you’re a manufacturer.

3. Smart Speakers

Like smart lighting, smart speakers are another foundational smart device of any smart home. You can use them to do a lot more than just play music. They can also answer your questions and communicate with other smart devices, allowing you to control your entire smart home through them. They can set alarms, open curtains, and start ovens. They can even unlock your front door via your smart lock.

Look for smart speakers to remain a top-selling smart home item for 2020.

4. Smart Thermostats

The smart thermostat craze started as soon as people realized they could be living in freezing cold weather but go home to an already warmed-up house with a simple touch of their mobile phone.

While still not as prevalent as smart speakers or smart lighting, smart thermostats are quickly making their way up the smart home scale as people come to understand their value and swap out their old thermostats for something way more functional.

The best smart thermostats can learn your schedule and adjust accordingly, coming on when it knows you will soon be there and shutting down when it knows you will soon be out. Ultimately, a smart thermostat will not only make your home or apartment much more comfortable but it will save energy and reduce bills: a win-win.

There are of course other products that could be highlighted here or at least deserve honorable mention, such as smart TVs and smart cameras, but in 2020, smart lighting, smart locks, smart speakers, and smart thermostats will rule the roost for smart homes, and that’s why you need to be selling them or making them.